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Nutrition, Exercise and Complementary Therapies for Cancer


Pete Newman

Nutrition, exercise and complementary therapies for cancer.

Welcome! I have created this website for you – whether you have been diagnosed with cancer, or if someone you care about has. My purpose is to help you find the answers that you are looking for.

I have been on a four year epic cancer adventure. Being a personal trainer and nutritionist helped me get started, and complementary medicine was a natural fit. However the biggest lesson has been that you can have control of your cancer, and you don’t have to be a victim. It is simply a matter of understanding. I’m now fitter, stronger and happier than I have ever been – but I never imagined at diagnosis that I would be grateful for this journey.

From metastatic cancer to No Evidence of Disease

If only I knew then what I know now!

After surgery I received a second diagnosis – the cancer had spread to the lymphatic system. It was expected to then spread to bone as well. But I couldn’t just surrender to the inevitable radiation, hormone therapy and chemo. What could I do? As it turns out there was a lot! In consultation with my Oncologist I became a living experiment in complementary therapies – but everything I did was based on published science. And I’m now at N.E.D. without having to do hormone therapy or chemo. Now I want to help you get to the answers in the shortest possible time. This is not a business – I can provide you with my protocol augmented for your cancer type. And I can answer your questions via email. I do this for free, but if you want to, a small donation is welcome to keep this website going. I also offer a comprehensive coaching program. The details are on my coaching page. You can also find out more about my story on the ABOUT page. I wish you well on your cancer journey, and I hope that I can make it easier for you!

Nutrition, Exercise and Complementary therapies for cancer. 


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Preventing Cancer 

Eat, Move & Thrive. The 5 secrets of very healthy people

No doubt prevention is better than cure. Ultimately most cancers are the product of diet and lifestyle. Genetics are an underlying issue only about 5% of the time.

If you get your diet right you will dramatically reduce your chances of getting cancer. Add in a dose of activity and it is unlikely that you will be one of the 95%.

In a concise, clear and no-nonsense way I explain how you can create a healthy diet for yourself, how to get moving – and how to actually enjoy it!

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Some of my Past Testimonials


Milena Emilova (London)

Pete is now my most treasured, informed, compassionate and motivating guide in a difficult cancer journey.

I came across Pete while researching autophagy as a stage 4 cancer patient on a chemo break experimenting with intravenous Vitamin C. I was attracted by Pete’s conviction, desperately needed in a fog of contradictions. I contacted him privately, unsure he’ll respond. What followed had a profound effect on my healing. Not only he responded promptly, he sent me his well reasoned protocol with sources and explanations that instantly synched with me.

Thanks to Pete I discovered the power of exercise, food and mind, and several natural supplements aimed at a healthy, active immune system. His minimalist and focused approach is such a relief.

Pete is now my most treasured, informed, compassionate and motivating guide in a difficult cancer journey. I am lucky I discovered him and immensely grateful for the peace and focus he brought me.

Julian (Malta)

You literally helped me get mums health back!! God bless you Pete.

Mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4 in Aug 2021, a very tough disease to battle. Our world stopped. I began to go through tons of information online which sometimes can be overwhelming – too much info at one go for your brain to process! Prayed to God to provide me with the right info so I can help my mum. I met Pete online and told him that I’m confused and I’m helping my mum with everything I can to survive.

Pete guided me with a protocol of supplements (natural) and advised that my mum follows a vegan diet. She removed all animal and dairy products. When she was diagnosed her tumor markers where 76,000!! and her liver enzymes were around 800!! She followed Pete’s protocol and advice and fast forward to December 2021 she is feeling much better, she is living a normal life her tumor markers went down from 76,000 to 809 and her liver enzymes from 800 to 201!! We are on the right track. I cannot thank Pete enough for sharing his knowledge with me.

You literally helped me get mums health back!! God bless you Pete. Julian, Malta.

Update: Things are going well. Mum had a CT scan Sunday. Liver lesions reduced in size significantly and pancreatic tumor did shrink too.

Update: Her oncologist is surprised with the results. I sent him an email about her protocol and diet and explained in detail. He congratulated me for my efforts and when he did not know what to say he replied there are still things to be discovered about cancer. Between Christmas and New Year she stopped supplements for two weeks and still had chemo. Without supplements tumor markers increased by 100 (the only time). She restarted supplements, tumor markers went down immediately by 400.

Michael Keller MD

He strengthened my weaknesses and concentrated on my core.

I had a brilliant year with Pete! At first I was offended when my wife bought me personal training sessions for Xmas last year, but they transformed my life!

I turned 30 a few years ago, I had a reconstructed knee due to an ACL injury, and I seemed to be recovering from a new injury continually…but despite all this, I refused to come to terms with my own morbidity! Pete re-instilled that belief, but more importantly he reinvigorated my body…he strengthened my weaknesses and concentrated on my core. My weekly sessions were filled with plenty of pain negated by a barrel of laughs and philosophical insights into the world!

Beth Turner

All I can say is our great loss is another’s amazing gain.

I have been training with Pete for the last 2 years. I was incredibly delighted to find someone who used such a different approach. Pete believes in training the core and a lot of the time uses your own weight. He also trained me in lots of balance techniques.

He informed me a lot about nutrition and the latest studies in training. If I had a slight injury he could always work around it. I used to tell my friends that I had found the best personal trainer ever. I was devastated when he told me he was leaving to move to Melbourne. However he was concerned enough to make sure I knew all my programs with him and how to vary them so the body doesn’t get used to it.

I also joined many of his classes that were demanding but so effective.

I’m sure Pete will be sorely missed as he is so passionate about training and keeping fit. All I can say is our great loss is another’s amazing gain.

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