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About Pete Newman

Pete Newman

Nutritionist, Exercise Therapist and Published Author

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Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I have created this website and coaching program to help people with cancer find the shortest path to being in control of their health and their cancer treatment.

A cancer diagnosis creates a million questions and a lot of confusion. I have been there. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer over three years ago, and it has been a very steep learning curve. I have done a lot of research, engaged with many people of different cancer types, learned from those special people who have overcome their own cancer against the odds – and combined all of that into my own protocol and also into the coaching program.

After diagnosis you will need to make important decisions about your cancer treatment, but what is it that you don’t know – but that you need to know? Diet and nutrition, exercise, complementary therapies, standard treatments – what works, what doesn’t? When, why, how? Bits of information are sprayed all over the internet, but pulling it all together into an actionable strategy is extremely difficult – and it is simply torturous when you are overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis.

The passion I experienced as a personal trainer stemmed from enabling people to get outstanding health outcomes – it was incredibly rewarding. Now I find myself translating that passion into helping people beat cancer. Wow. What a privilege. I hope I can help you too. I am also a published author. I wrote Eat, Move & Thrive to help people become the healthiest version of themselves.

Please feel free to download the free guides, check out my blog and book, and you can contact me about coaching as well. I hope I can help you navigate your cancer more easily and with greater hope!

My mission is to help you develop your knowledgebase so that you can make your own decisions, for yourself, based on who you are, your cancer type, and where that cancer is.

You can read more about My Story here.

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