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Nutrition, Exercise and Complementary Therapies for Cancer

Learn about Individual Coaching for people with cancer

The shortest route to being in control of your cancer treatment.

The stress of a cancer diagnosis is horrible. From experience, it has so much to do with feeling helpless and confused. Over the last few years I have learned a huge amount, tried many things, succeeded , failed, laughed and cried. But if I knew then what I know now! I would like to help you find the shortest route to being in control of your cancer treatment so that you can focus on what you can and need to do – rather than feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Individual Coaching is a process of discovery and implementation. The critical areas of nutrition, exercise and complementary therapies are explored, with your questions answered and most pressing concerns addressed. From here it is a process of developing your knowledge base so that you can make informed decisions about your treatment and recovery.

The program incorporates five online sessions covering nutrition, exercise, and complementary therapies. I have found that ‘bits’ of information don’t help. This is why I created a comprehensive knowledge base that puts information in context so that you can implement your choices in the most efficient and effective way.

Each session is one hour online using Zoom, Skype, Messenger or other format. The fundamentals of the five sessions are:

Session one


We start by addressing your most pressing questions and concerns. We cover what you most need to know right now, and what you can do – effective immediately.

This includes diet and essential supplements. There are also important resources to access now.

We will also discuss what you must not do – things that you may think will help but can actually make things worse.

Session two


We’ll dive into complementary therapies – what they are and how they may help, and which ones may be the most suitable for you.

We’ll also talk about ‘complex’ supplements and protocols that can make a significant difference.

And there are also more essential resources for you to follow up.

Session three


In this session we examine exercise and movement and the vital relationship these have with your immune system, and therefore your recovery. We’ll look at your history and find a way into exercise and movement that will be the most natural and effective for you, based on where you are right now. And we’ll look into new resources that will be of most use to you.

Session four


Overcoming cancer requires that you become the healthiest version of yourself. This includes the
physical, mental and emotional self. Cancer has a profound association with poor sleep, anxiety, stress and depression.

Underlying psychological and emotional issues need to be addressed. In this session we look at
meditation and other therapies and practices that can help you ‘refresh’, clear your head and heart, overcome pessimism and negativity, and become the optimistic, positive person you want to be – and need to be.

Session five


This is an opportunity to tie up all the subjects that we have covered and see where you are. We look at what is working best, and how to refine and develop the protocol that you have developed to beat your cancer.

You can pace your sessions according to needs. I recommend no more than a week between sessions. The cost of this coaching program is by donation. This helps to pay for the website and ongoing costs associated with it. You can donate based on the benefit you gain. Although there is no upfront cost to you, I highly recommend that you complete the whole course as bits of information may only confound your treatment.

If you feel that personal
coaching may be for you,
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