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Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

Exercise is essential for good health and should be prescribed as a component of standard of care for people with cancer. It is safe, dramatically improves treatment outcomes, boosts immune function, and mitigates fatigue. It also improves neural function, movement and balance, strength and endurance and eliminates those haunting aches and pains. The question is which exercise? Exercise programming is key. You need the most efficient path to the best results.

Exercise becomes therapy when there is a focus on movement and metabolism. This is a type of exercise programming that ensures an injury free path to strength and fitness, including improved movement and balance, and strong core, back and joints.

As your capacity for exercise improves your metabolism also improves, which is the key to overcoming cancer – because a healthy metabolism means improved immune function.

The question is how? Your exercise program needs to be tailored to fit you both physically and mentally. Motivation is king and we have to get that right first. A lot depends on where you are now. Are you already fit, or have you not done much for a while? Is there a sport or activity that you do already, or would like to do? Do you have exercise equipment at home, or just don’t like gyms?

I have never felt sick or unable to do exercise because of the cancer or treatment. You do have capacity for exercise even if you feel wasted by treatment. It is a simply a matter of finding the right type of exercise. Please do not underestimate the importance of exercise in successfully treating cancer – I will go so far as to say that it is vital.

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