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Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy

Nutritionally dense food has the capacity to heal. There is a vast list of micronutrients and compounds found in food that are lethal to cancer. A properly designed diet can have powerful cancer mitigating properties and there is solid science to back this up.

Your body is constructed from the food that you eat. If you want to live in a ‘quality construction’ that is free from cancer then you need to provide quality building materials – all of which are provided through diet. 

Nutrition becomes therapy when there is a focus on foods abundant with cancer-mitigating compounds while also denying your cancer the nutrients and compounds that support cancer growth. “Let food be thy medicine” is a Mediterranean concept that is thousands of years old – but one that has been lost in the noise of marketing and a multi
generation shift from whole foods to processed ‘food’.

The biggest problem that you are potentially faced with now is trying to figure all this out expediently – and without making mistakes. When I was diagnosed with cancer my first attempt at getting this right was mostly correct but there were mistakes that I made – vitamin C supplements being a good (but perhaps confusing) example.

Cancer nutrition requires a deeper level of research and understanding because cancer plays by a different rule book. It can seem complex but there is plenty of science available that can be pulled together to create a cancer healing diet.

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