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Preventing Cancer  


Preventing cancer is definitely better than trying to overcome it.
Cancer is a systemic disease that is being increasingly recognized as a metabolic dysfunction rather than a genetic one.

The good news is that this puts you in control. You can dramatically reduce your chances of getting cancer simply by ensuring that you eat well and exercise.

Eat, Move & Thrive is the accumulation of many years of experience working with people who want to be the healthiest version of themselves.

Preventing Cancer 

Eat, Move & Thrive. The 5 secrets of very healthy people

This book enables you to see through the confusion that dominates the subjects of diet and exercise – so that you can be proactive in your pursuit of sustainable, great health.

You will discover the logic of healthy eating so that you can make your own healthy choices – stress free and without counting calories (no diets included!).

You will learn how to:

  • Exercise and create an active lifestyle – and love every minute of it!
  • Lose weight naturally by making great health your ultimate goal.
  • Create a personal culture of health – that will support your great health for a lifetime.

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